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Louisville Fifty Years Ago

One of Louisville’s Pioneer Florist Establishments


HistoryJacob Schulz, the founder of Jacob Schulz Co., came to this country from Germany in 1863 and located in Louisville. He at once took charge of the estate of Colonel Alexander, at that time one of the show places around Louisville, now a part of Cherokee Park.


The Alexander estate will be remembered by many of the present residents of Louisville. It was situated on the top of what is known as Cochran Hill.


Colonel Gerard Alexander was a great lover of flowers and took an immense interest in the beautifying of his spacious grounds.


Under his supervision of Jacob Schulz, art and nature combined, this property became famous as one of the most beautiful estates in this section of the country.


In 1873 (fifty years ago) Jacob Schulz started a business for himself at 831 Cherokee Road and conducted his business from there for thirty-one years. In 1904, he purchased the retail business of F. Morat’s Sons Co., the store at the time being near the corner of Fourth & Walnut Streets, on part of the ground where the Seelbach Hotel now stands.


A few years later the property at 550 South Fourth Avenue, was purchased and the business continued under the name Jacob Schulz until 1915, when he disposed of the retail business to the Jacob Schulz Co., which had been incorporated by his son, George E. Schulz, its present President.


The business has grown and expanded steadily from the start and today the Jacob Schulz Co., with its three departments, is one of the largest floral establishments south of the Ohio River.


The Greenhouse Department is still located at the old stand, 831 Cherokee Road, and is owned and operated by Mrs. Bettie Schulz, Fred L. Schulz, a son being manager.


The Dahlia Farm and Nursery Department is located on the Bardstown Road and Gardner’s Lane just beyond Strathmoor, and the Retail Department, 550 Fourth Avenue.


Fifty years ago the Alexander estate, under Jacob Schulz, was one of the show place of Louisville. Today the Dahlia Farm on the Bardstown Road, operated by Jacob Schulz Co., attracts thousands of sightseers. When the Dahlies are in bloom people come from far and near to see these acres of loveliness.